Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Twitter and microblogging video

One from the archives but still relevant.  This is a review of Twitter and microblogging in a q&a format.

The video may not start at the beginning of the question set but if you click the "full interview" icon the whole thing then you'll see the whole thing on the GuruOnline site.

<a href='' title='National B2B Centre - GuruOnline Interview - Will microblogging generate business leads?'>National B2B Centre - GuruOnline Interview - Will microblogging generate business leads?</a></br>

Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing

Friday, 5 July 2013

Are you RTI compliant yet?

RTI is up and running but not everybody has joined the party

Clients Lewis Smith & Co., the Dudley accountants, have recently reminded SMEs that despite a temporary relaxation of rules by HMRC it's time for everybody to get on board.

RTI,  or Real Time Information,  is being introduced by HMRC to simplify PAYE, reduce fraud and help with the accuracy of Universal Credit payments.  For business it essentially means that payroll related information are electronically collected and passed to HMRC on each payroll run.

The trouble is, as Lewis Smith & Co. point out, that compliance means a bit more than just sending in some information. For some companies it might require a re-think of how you do things and you may have to get used to doing a fair bit of extra work, like checking staff identities and checking payments arrive on time so you don't incur penalties.

There are more details of what you need to do on their website and they are helpful people so if you need assistance get in contact with them.


Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing