Friday, 19 July 2013

Gas Data Ltd. - A British manufacturing success story

There is something inspirational about working with successful businesses, especially when they are British and make, in this country, physical products that compete with the best of them, wordwide.

Having provided on-line marketing services on and off for some years it was great to be asked to provide Gas Data with more regular support, with an emphasis on letting the world know about their range of advanced gas analysis and monitoring systems and instrumentation.

Gas Data have created in niche in provided monitoring to the burgeoning renewable energy sector.  Their Click! System fixed site gas analyser is finding homes in biogas and anaerobic digestion, composting and gasification projects across the UK.  They also have strong distribution arrangements in place that are producing global sales.

Fortunately for me there is no shortage of stories to tell about equipment, applications and clients.  Who says British manufacturing is dead.

Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Twitter and microblogging video

One from the archives but still relevant.  This is a review of Twitter and microblogging in a q&a format.

The video may not start at the beginning of the question set but if you click the "full interview" icon the whole thing then you'll see the whole thing on the GuruOnline site.

<a href='' title='National B2B Centre - GuruOnline Interview - Will microblogging generate business leads?'>National B2B Centre - GuruOnline Interview - Will microblogging generate business leads?</a></br>

Gareth Edwards
Arrowsmith Marketing